Month: March 2018

Antenna Repair Team

Tony from the Belgian boat Jakker put in a big effort in the village of Tobal on Aur Atoll in March, 2018, by helping medical assistant James Simon repair his HF radio antenna. After taking the antenna back to his boat for some solder work, Tony reports that the antenna now works well on the 8 meg frequencies that the islanders use to call the capital, Majuro. James (a.k.a. James Bond) is a long-time friend of the Mieco Beach Yacht Club family, so it’s great that he was given some assistance by one of the club members. James tunes...

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New Commodore wins Pub Quiz

The winners of last week’s pub quiz were Team Chuck Gauthier, Karen Stewart and JIll McCready. Three cheers for them! Their task will be to come up with the questions for the next quiz, which will be held on Tuesday, April 10, at the Marshall Islands Resort. Handy tip: Karen is keen on astronomy, so brush on your stars and planets! If you’re new to the pub quiz, the idea is to pay $1 to play in teams up to four people. The winners take home the cash and write the quiz for the following month. And, for the record,...

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April 8: Beer Can Race

MBYC beer can race On Sunday, April 8, the Mieco Beach Yacht Club will hold a beer can race off the beach at the Marshall Islands Resort. The race is one of the most popular events on the club’s social calendar. Kick off for the event will be 1pm, with races expected to start around 1:30 to 2pm. The boats, which cost racers $5, are made by the clever folk at Waan Aelon in Majel (Canoes of the Marshall Islands). The Resort will have a no-host bar under the Big Tree just past the swimming pool. Feel free to...

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Club Products on Sale

Over the past 15 years, the Mieco Beach Yacht Club has always had a healthy amount of ‘fashion passion’ products for sale. These include T-shirts, baseball caps, club burgees, tank tops, polo shirts and long-sleeve T-shirts.  New Quartermaster for 2018 is WorldTeach volunteer Emily Hudson, who will be happy to help you choose your new fashion indulgence on the Tuesday nights the club enjoys dinner out at the Marshall Islands Resort.  If you have ideas for what types of other products the club could sell, let us...

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Hanging at Enemanet Island

The Mieco Beach Yacht Club moorings at Enemanet and Eneko Islands are popular items for cruisers who want to breathe in a little bit of paradise. Throughout the week, the yachties mostly have the place to themselves (except for the island caretakers), while Sunday brings a group of the owners and their friends of the eastern end of the island for picnics. Cruisers are welcome to go ashore and introduce themselves to the Kramer family.    If you have more photos of yachts at Enemanet, please send them to Karen on the yacht Seal (yachtseal at hotmail). Please be...

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