Month: August 2018

Sails Donated to Ailuk

Ailuk Mayor Rufina Jack was pleased to receive two sails from the yacht Figment, owned by former Majuro Sheriff Willard and former Coop School principal Rebecca Lathrop. Will recently completed a passage from Majuro, Marshall Islands, to the Seattle area in northwest America. Before leaving, he bought new sails and happily gave the old ones to the Mieco Beach Yacht Club.  Publicity Director called long-time friend Rufina and asked if she would like the sails… “yes, yes!” … As a result, club members Phyllis and Gary Stratton have agreed to take the sails up to the atoll in the...

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Club Welcomes WorldTeach Team

The new WorldTeach volunteers enjoyed a day at Eneko Island Sunday thanks to a group effort by members of the Mieco Beach Yacht Club. WorldTeach is a Harvard University-based program that has been sending teachers to the Marshall Islands since 2002. As usual, some of the teachers will be working in outer islands. Pictured enjoying the sun and sand are (back row), Alex Rodriguez, Vanessa King (field director), Ginny Turner, Ridglea Willard, Katherine Moran, and Dorali Amador Andrade; (center) Erin Murray and Teresa Saunders; and (front row) Rachel Provler, Michael Black, and Anastas...

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