Sails Donated to Ailuk

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Ailuk Mayor Rufina Jack was pleased to receive two sails from the yacht Figment, owned by former Majuro Sheriff Willard and former Coop School principal Rebecca Lathrop. Will recently completed a passage from Majuro, Marshall Islands, to the Seattle area in northwest America. Before leaving, he bought new sails and happily gave the old ones to the Mieco Beach Yacht Club. 

Publicity Director called long-time friend Rufina and asked if she would like the sails… “yes, yes!” … As a result, club members Phyllis and Gary Stratton have agreed to take the sails up to the atoll in the coming months as they cruise the beautiful Marshalls on their yacht Apolima.

Also at the dockside ceremony were club social director Ginger Hawkins and race director Lanny Pirtle. Vice Commodore, who had stored the sails in his container ashore, took the sunny photo.

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