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For Sale

Occasionally the Mieco Beach Yacht Club has members whose yachts are for sale and we’re happy to post photos and details on this site. To do this email the webmaster at The club also has fashion passion products for sale: Check out the post...

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Club Merchandise

This slideshow requires JavaScript. Welcome to the Mieco Beach Yacht Club’s store where you can buy T-shirts, tank tops, polo shirts, beer coolies, baseball caps, flags, and burgees. (Click on each of the images below to see larger size photo.) Our prices are: Tank tops $15; T-shirts for men and women $15; Polo shirts $20; Baseball caps $20; Beer coolies $4; Marshall Islands flags $40; and Mieco Beach Yacht Club burgees $35. ADD $5 to your order for shipping and handling. Scroll down the page to see the photos! Our T-shirts, polos and tanks come in a range of colors and sizes, but we don’t always have the color and size you’d like, so when ordering, please give your size and your preferred color and then a couple of other colors (light or dark) that would suit. To buy, mail a check for the total of the products, plus $10 for shipping and handling, to Vice Commodore Cary Evarts, PO Box 3346, Majuro, MH...

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Events Photos

Picnics, cook-offs, dinners out, IT info parties … the Mieco Beach Yacht Club is first and foremost a social club! Sometimes too social. Here’s a view of the life in Majuro for cruisers. (To see the photos in slideshow mode, click on any photo). MBYC beer can race May 2016 Allen and Cary tend the barbie at Enemanet. Photo: Karen Earnshaw...

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People Photos

A wonderful bunch of yachties have sailed through Majuro over the years, with most joining the club. Here’s a selection of the fine folk. (To see the photos in slideshow mode, click on any...

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Racing Photos

The Mieco Beach Yacht Club has for many years held races in the cruising season between November and May. Follows is a selections of shots from those races. To see the gallery in slideshow mode, click on any of the images:...

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