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Yacht Club AGM

Current Co-Commodore Chuck Gauthier with outgoing Commodore Rebecca Lathrop at the last Annual General Meeting. Photo: Karen Earnshaw It’s time for the Mieco Beach Yacht Club annual general meeting. Looking forward to seeing you there! WHAT:  Appetizers provided by the MBYC, Cash bar, Meeting at 6pm including reports on the Yacht Club and election of the new board for the 2019-2020 year, then socializing and fun times … MBYC merchandise for sale! WHEN:  Friday, February 22, 2019, Starts at 5pm, Meeting at 6pm, Stay and socialize after the meeting WHERE:  Marshall Islands Resort, out in the area just past...

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Rongerik Yacht Club

Viandante adds their buoy to the Rongerik Yacht Club display. Photo: Tree branch, timer.Grant Gardner kite boarding in Rongerik. Photo: Carley Shelton on S/V ViandanteCarley Shelton on one of Rongerik’s gloious beaches. Photo: Grant Gardner of SV Viandante. Rongerik Atoll was a popular destination in 2018, with quite a number of yachts visiting the uninhabited spot in the northern part of the Marshall Islands. Included in the group was the yacht Viandante, with Grant Gardner and Carley Shelton on board. They happily added a Viandante buoy as their application for membership in this exclusive club. Rongerik’s claim to fame...

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Enjoying Tide Table

Happy smiles all around at a recent Tide Table gathering. Photo: Gary Ehrsam. Every Tuesday the Majuro yachties go out to dinner and in early 2019 this means a lot of people going to dinner. Pictured above is part of the cruising crowd who hit the Tide Table recently for either Mexican specials or off-the-menu taste treats. Thanks go to Gary Ehrsam for snapping the pic and offering it up as a post item. To check out where the next yachties dinner out, check out the top right hand side of the home page of this site…....

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Moor is Better

October, 2018: The Mieco Beach Yacht Club began working on a mooring project for Enemanet and Eneko Islands in Majuro in 2006. Twelve years later the moorings are still well-maintained and used by yacht club members, thereby saving the precious reefs from anchor damage. Back in the day, we created a powerpoint and showed it a text events and schools (now turned into the above mp4 video) and wrote an article on the project for the Seven Seas Cruising Assocaiton Bulletin, which is pasted below. In 2013, my husband Cary and I won the Seven Seas Bateman Cruisng Station...

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Ahaluna Breaks its Mooring

Majuro Cruisers to the Rescue Article: KAREN EARNSHAW Photo: KELLY LORENNIJ The sailing boat Ahaluna from Vancouver, Canada, broke from its mooring in the early hours Friday morning as strong winds blew in from the west. Captain Peter Hartmann put out a distress call on the VHF radio saying that his boat was stuck on the reef, prompting a number of yachts to come to the rescue in their small inflatable boats. Ahaluna went adrift just after high tide, so with the waves pushing the boat further towards the shore and then the tide dropping, the cruisers were unable...

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