(as amended March, 2009)
a Nonprofit Corporation incorporated in the Republic of the
Marshall Islands
Section 1
The name of this organization is MIECO Beach Yacht Club
hereafter referred to in these bylaws as MBYC.
Section 1
The specific purposes of this corporation are to:             
1)    Promote yachting and sailing within the Marshall
2)    Promote the Marshall Islands as a destination for
sailing vessels and yachts,
3)    Conduct sailing events within the Marshall Islands,
4)    Provide facilities and services to members and sailing
5)    In association with other groups promote water sports
and recreation,
6)    Promote conservation and sustainable use of the marine
environment of the Marshall Islands, and
7)    Enter into reciprocal rights arrangements with other
yacht and sailing clubs.     
Section 1
Membership is open to all Marshallese and non-Marshallese
people interested in yachting or sailing and the purposes of
the MBYC.
Section 2
Membership requests shall be accepted during any time of the
year, and shall be on such form and accompanied by such dues
as are set by the Board of Directors.
Section 3
An active member is a member who is current in his/her dues
for the year.
Section 1
The Board of Directors shall be as follows: Commodore, Vice
Commodore, Purser and Secretary and up to three directors at
large and shall include at least one yacht owner.  The
officers and directors shall hold office for one year,
commencing on their installation at the Annual Meeting held
each year.  Any vacancies in the Board between elections
shall be filled by appointment by the remaining Board
Section 2
Board members shall be elected annually at the Annual General
Section 3
Duties of the Officers
a. The Commodore shall be responsible for planning and
conducting meetings of the members, and shall prepare
agendas, and oversee the functions of other officers and
b.  The Vice Commodore shall serve as Commodore in the
absence of the Commodore. In the absence of both Commodore
and Vice Commodore the remaining Directors may select an
acting Commodore.
c. The Secretary or a designee selected by the Board shall
be responsible for keeping minutes at board meetings and
membership meetings and shall oversee distribution of
minutes and agendas. He/she shall deal with all
correspondence of the Board of Directors and the membership.
d. The Purser shall maintain financial records and make
regular reports to the membership.
e. The Board shall appoint such managers and committees
as needed and may appoint Directors or other members to
head such committees.  Such managers and committees may
include Quartermaster, Race Committee, Prize Committee,
Membership Committee, Public Relations and such other
functions as the Board deems appropriate.  The Board may
elect to allow such persons to attend and/or vote at Board
Section 4
Any member of the Board may be removed from the Board by a
two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors present at a
regular meeting.
Section 5
Any member of the Board of Directors who is absent without
excuse from three meetings within any calendar year shall
be removed and his/her position shall be filled by a vote
of the Board of Directors at the next meeting, after
notification to the member.  The member shall be
automatically removed by this provision. No vote is
required. After the second unexcused absence, the
Chairperson of the Board will notify that Board member
in writing.
Section 6
The Board of Directors shall set policies and guidelines
for the implementation of programs of this corporation in
accordance with its stated purpose.
Section 1
There shall be an annual general meeting of the organization
which shall be open to all members. The purpose of the
meeting will be to elect the Board of Directors, present
the financial statements and to report to members on the
operations of the club. The meeting will be held annually
in February. Notice will be given to all members by email
of the date, time and place of the meeting.
Section 2
Board meetings will be held every month during the race
season, and at such other times as the Board finds
appropriate. The time and place shall be determined at
the discretion of the Board of Directors. A quorum of the
Board shall consist of a majority of the Board. 
Section 3
A quorum for general membership meetings shall be the
currently active members present at a meeting which has
been properly noticed to the membership.
Section 4
Under circumstances when a decision is needed and it is not
practical to call a Board meeting, the decision may be made
by telephone or Internet vote of the Board members. The
decision shall be made upon each member's vote recorded and
later confirmed in writing.  The decision shall be final
and binding on the Board.
Section 1
A membership list of the Board of Directors and members of
this organization shall be kept by a person designated by
the Board and shall be available to members upon request
and shall be used for making communications with the
Section 2
Communications with the membership shall be made through
use of any applicable media. Those who have asked to be on
the mailing list, but do not wish to subscribe to the
newsletter shall receive communication on those occasions
when a general announcement of issues or events is required.
The mailing list shall only be used to further the purposes
of this organization and will not be sold or given away to
any other entity.
Section 3
The Board shall set up such bank accounts as deemed necessary
for the conduct of the club’s business.  All disbursements
shall be approved by the Board and two signatures shall be
required for all checks over $50.00.  The four officers will
be authorized to sign checks, and the Board may authorize
other persons as possible signatories if it is deemed
necessary for the efficient handling of the club’s finances.
Section 1
All amendments to these bylaws shall be approved by the
general membership by 2/3 vote of the members at a properly
noticed meeting the agenda for which includes the proposed