RMI Links

The Mieco Beach Yacht Club has some wonderful sponsors, including:

Hardware store Do It Best. Contact owner Tracey Spear: traceyspear@yahoo.com

Marshall Islands Resort. Contact general manager Hirobo Obeketang: mirhtl@ntamar.net

Majuro Computer Services. Contact owner Randy Sylvester: majurohelpdesk@gmail.com

General store EZ Price Mart. Contact owner Neal Skinner: nealskinner1@gmail.com

Coffee shop DAR Cafe. Contact Carlos Domnick: cdomnick@gmail.com

The weekly Marshall Islands Journal carries all the news from the Marshall Islands. Check out their web site at www.marshallislandsjournal.com. The independent newspaper is edited by Giff Johnson, with help by me (Karen Earnshaw) and others. The newspaper publishes a digital version (pdf), which is an exact replica of the hard copy, and sells subscriptions for $52 a year. Send inquiries to marshallislandsjournal@gmail.com.

Follows are some other useful links in the Marshall Islands:

Marshall Islands Guide: Marshall Islands Guide

US Embassy: http://majuro.usembassy.gov/

Marshall Islands Resort: www.marshallislandsresort.com

Robert Reimers Hotel: www.rreinc.com