Sail to the jewels of RMI: The outer islands of the Marshall Islands are the jewels of our nation. Some say that all the atolls are the same, but that is so not true. Each one has its own character, its own feel. To read about each of the atolls and four low-lying islands, click on an image below, which will take you to the relevant page on the Marshall Islands Guide.

Ailinglaplap Atoll
Ailingnae Atoll
Ailuk Atoll
Arno Atoll
Aur Atoll
Bikar Atoll
Bikini Atoll
Ebon Atoll
Enewetak Atoll
Erikub Atoll
Jabat Atoll
Jaluit Atoll
Jemo Island
Kili Island
Kwajalein Atoll
Lae Atoll
Lib Island
Likiep Atoll
Maloelap Atoll
Mejit Island
Mili Atoll
Namdrik Atoll
Namu Atoll
Rongelap Atoll
Rongerik Atoll
Taka Atoll
Taongi Atoll
Ujae Atoll
Utrik Atoll
Wotho Atoll
Wotje Atoll