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Yachties’ Yellow Pages

Follows are some useful contact details:

(All phone numbers preceded by (692):

Air Marshall Islands:
Alele Museum,
Bank of Marshall Islands,, 625-3636
Bank of Guam, 625-3322, 625-3331
Bikini Atoll, Liaison Officer Lani Kramer, 625-3177
College of the Marshall Islands, 625-3394
United Airlines, Manager Salome Andrike, 625-3209, 625-3052
Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan), 247-4141
Embassy of the United States of America, Ambassador Karen Stewart, 247-4011
Environmental Protection Authority, Manager Moriana Phillips , 625-3035
EZ Price Mart, Owner Neal Skinner, Manager Liz Rodick General merchandise,, 625-4758
Marshall Islands Visitors Authority, General Manager Brenda Alik-Maddison,, 625-6482
FAR Enterprises, Owner Francis Reimers, Manufacturer of Noni juice & body/hair oils, real estate, hotel. 247-7027
Island Pride Supermarket, Retail-grocery and general merchandise, 625-3321
JoeMar Construction, Owner Scott Howe, Construction, Gas Station (Ace’s One-Stop), wine importer. 625-0039
Majuro Atoll Local Government, Mayor Ladie Jack,
Majuro Motors, Owner Anoop Kumar, Auto sales/shop, 625-4422
Majuro Stevedore and Terminal Co., Manager Charles Stinnet, Stevedore, 625-3369
Marshall Islands Chamber of Commerce, President Ellen Milne,
Marshall Islands Journal, Editor Giff Johnson, ,, 625-8143
Marshall Islands Resort, Hotel and Restaurant, General Manager Hirobo Obeketang, , 625-2525
Marshalls Billfish Club, President Larry Hernandez,,
Marshalls Energy Company, Manager Jack Chong Gum,, 625-3829
Micronitor Printing Services, Owner Joe Murphy, Manager Rose Murphy,, 625-3251
Mieco Beach Yacht Club, publicity director Karen Earnshaw,, 455-3346
National Telecommunications Authority, General Manager Tommy Kijiner, 625-3852
Pacific Basin Payless, Manager Drew, Wholesale-grocery and misc. 625-3014
Pacific International, Inc., CEO Jerry Kramer, Construction, Shipping, Real Estate, , 625-3122
RMI Embassy in Washington, D.C.:
Robert Reimers Enterprises, Hotel/Restaurant, Shipping, Real Estate, drinking water manufacturer,, 625-3250
Rongelap Atoll Local Government, Mayor James Matayoshi,
Seal Marine, owner Cary Evarts, marine maintenance, 455-3044
Strauss, David, Attorney,, 625-3391
Trust Company of the Marshall Islands, Vice President James Myazoe, Shipping Registry,, 247-3018