Cruisers: See the bottom of this page for instructions on arriving in the Marshall Islands!

Yachties’ Yellow Pages

Follows are some useful contact details:

(All phone numbers preceded by (692):

Air Marshall Islands:
Alele Museum,
Bank of Marshall Islands,, 625-3636
Bank of Guam, 625-3322, 625-3331
Bikini Atoll, Liaison Officer Lani Kramer, 625-3177
College of the Marshall Islands, 625-3394
United Airlines, Manager Salome Andrike, 625-3209, 625-3052
Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan), 247-4141
Embassy of the United States of America, Ambassador Karen Stewart, 247-4011
Environmental Protection Authority, Manager Moriana Phillips , 625-3035
EZ Price Mart, Owner Neal Skinner, Manager Liz Rodick General merchandise,, 625-4758
Marshall Islands Visitors Authority, General Manager Brenda Alik-Maddison,, 625-6482
FAR Enterprises, Owner Francis Reimers, Manufacturer of Noni juice & body/hair oils, real estate, hotel. 247-7027
Island Pride Supermarket, Retail-grocery and general merchandise, 625-3321
JoeMar Construction, Owner Scott Howe, Construction, Gas Station (Ace’s One-Stop), wine importer. 625-0039
Majuro Atoll Local Government, Mayor Ladie Jack,
Majuro Motors, Owner Anoop Kumar, Auto sales/shop, 625-4422
Majuro Stevedore and Terminal Co., Manager Charles Stinnet, Stevedore, 625-3369
Marshall Islands Chamber of Commerce, President Ellen Milne,
Marshall Islands Journal, Editor Giff Johnson, ,, 625-8143
Marshall Islands Resort, Hotel and Restaurant, General Manager Hirobo Obeketang, , 625-2525
Marshalls Billfish Club, President Larry Hernandez,,
Marshalls Energy Company, Manager Jack Chong Gum,, 625-3829
Micronitor Printing Services, Owner Joe Murphy, Manager Rose Murphy,, 625-3251
Mieco Beach Yacht Club, publicity director Karen Earnshaw,, 455-3346
National Telecommunications Authority, General Manager Tommy Kijiner, 625-3852
Pacific Basin Payless, Manager Drew, Wholesale-grocery and misc. 625-3014
Pacific International, Inc., CEO Jerry Kramer, Construction, Shipping, Real Estate, , 625-3122
RMI Embassy in Washington, D.C.:
Robert Reimers Enterprises, Hotel/Restaurant, Shipping, Real Estate, drinking water manufacturer,, 625-3250
Rongelap Atoll Local Government, Mayor James Matayoshi,
Seal Marine, owner Cary Evarts, marine maintenance, 455-3044
Strauss, David, Attorney,, 625-3391
Trust Company of the Marshall Islands, Vice President James Myazoe, Shipping Registry,, 247-3018

Clearing into the Marshall Islands capital of Majuro

The RRE Shoreline area is the place to put your dinghy. Tie it to the rail next to the stone steps. Photo: Karen Earnshaw
The RRE Shoreline area is the place to put your dinghy. Tie it to the floating dock, leaving plenty of scope to allow other boats room. Photo: Karen Earnshaw

The following is not the official protocol, but merely a suggested way of clearing into the Marshall Islands.

Please note that the Immigration division requests that you notify them by email well in advance of arrival (

The Marshall Islands capital is one of the easiest places in the Pacific to clear in, with everything often achieved within an hour of picking up a mooring. On approaching the pass, or shortly after coming through, you are required to attempt to contact the port control on VHF Channel 16. Generally, however, there will be no response. Instead, you can call the cruising fleet on VHF Channel 71 (hailing frequency) and then move to Channel 68 or 74 for conversation and ask for assistance from a fellow sailor.

Their recommendation will most likely be to pick up a suggested mooring (it is allowed for another yacht to assist you onto a mooring but not to board, nor are any items allowed to be handed over) and then go in your dinghy to the RRE (Robert Reimers Enterprises) Shoreline area and tie up to the floating dock.

You can then take a taxi (75 cents or $1 per person) to Customs, which is in the building known as Ann’s Palace (a multi-story, peach-colored building opposite the Marshall Islands Resort). This is about 10 minutes from the Shoreline. Customs is on the ground floor. Customs will then give you instructions to go to Immigration in the green Mako Building, which is a three minute walk on the same side of the road.

Absolutely the best time to arrive in Majuro is during business hours Monday to Friday and not on a public holiday (of which there are quite a number). If you arrive out of hours or on a holiday the officials clearing you in may charge you a fee that is to be paid to the Secretary of Finance at Ann’s Palace.

The overtime fees are usually: Immigration $100, Customs $100, and Quarantine $75.

Follows are a few more UNOFFICIAL items related to Immigration/visa rules and the clearing in process (in no particular order):

It’s recommended you contact Immigration at least 72 hours in advance of your arrival:

All American citizens can live and work in RMI without the need of a visa.

There are some varieties on the following theme, but generally non-American cruisers pay $200 for a year’s visa, which is not renewable.

If you have a sat phone or are planning ahead and would like to contact Customs and Immigration, the country’s area code is 692. Customs: 625-8606, Immigration: 625-8633.

If another cruiser organizes for the officials to clear you at the RRE Shoreline area, on average 50 percent of the time the paperwork will be done ashore … the other 50 percent of the time they will request to visit your vessel. If your dinghy is extremely small, or difficult to put in the water on short notice, with approval another yachtie may assist you to and from the Shoreline.