Mieco Beach Yacht Club Quartermaster Ben Vroom sets up the products table at the Marshall Islands Resort. Forever happy guy Rob is waving in the background. Photo: Karen Earnshaw

The Mieco Beach Yacht Club’s Quartermaster is Captain Ben Vroom, who was recently in action selling club products at a recent Tuesday night dinner at the Marshall Islands Resort’s Enra Restaurant. The fashion passion products include T-shirts, polo shirts, beer coozies, and burgees and on that particular night Ben sold quite a lot of all the above!
Ben, who hails from the Netherlands, has experience in the solar power and shipping industries.
According to the Low Carbon Sea Transport in RMI Facebook page, “Nowadays, you can catch Captain Ben giving lectures to his students at the Maritime Training Center at Uliga Dock, (which is a department of the College of the Marshall Islands). On other days he takes the students out to the SV Kwai for fieldwork training.”
Ben added that: “I take students out to any commercial vessel that comes alongside Uliga Dock, foreign or domestic.”

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