Courtesy the Mieco Beach Yacht Club

Historical Note:  Chris and Nancy of the yacht Amulet first prepared the Yachtie’s Yellow Pages in 2007.   This version of the Yellow Pages was updated in January 2024 by Karen Earnshaw and Cary Evarts on Seal.

If you have any questions about the contents of this document, ask on the morning Majuro Cruiser’s Net on VHF 71 at 07:30am or on HF 6.224 at 07:45am.

The yacht club web site is sailingmarshallislands.com. The club’s publicity director Karen Earnshaw runs a useful site called infomarshallislands.com. The Marshall Islands Journal is also a good source of local current events and information: marshallislandsjournal.com.

DRESS: Dress in the Marshall Islands is conservative; knee-length shorts or skirts, sleeveless tops OK. Spaghetti-strap or strapless tops are frowned on. Local men prefer long pants, but you may wear shorts.

TIPPING IN RESTAURANTS: Tipping is not expected in truly local establishments but in resorts and better restaurants, up to 10% is not unreasonable for good service.

ACRONYM GUIDE: Marshallese love to use acronyms. Taxi drivers will understand where to go when you use them. The following are some you should familiarize yourself with:

BOG       Bank of Guam
BOMI     Bank of the Marshall Islands

MIR        Marshall Islands Resort Hotel (series of 3-story white buildings with turquoise roofs on south side of harbor), 625-2525
RRE        Robert Reimers Enterprises Hotel (resort near The Shoreline, which has the main dinghy dock; hotel desk on 2nd floor), 625-3250.

NTA      National Telecommunications Authority (next to the big satellite dishes in Delap)
MEC     Marshalls Energy Company sells propane at its tank farm (taxis will allow you to put the tank in the trunk and they know the tank farm, which is Oceanside of the power plant. It also sells diesel that you can get at Delap Dock.
Propane is also available at Wally Milne’s lagoon-side in Small Island


CMI    College of the Marshall Islands
DAR      (formerly Domnick Auto Rental – and the initials just “stuck”)…the DAR Coffee Corner on the back road.
DUD       Darita-Uliga-Delap (islands that make up Majuro town… but this is an old phrase, rarely used in practice)
MBYC    Mieco Beach Yacht Club (club room is the MIR bar)
MIVA     Marshall Islands Visitors Authority (next door to MEC)
PII          Pacific International, Inc (next to Delap Dock), 625-3122/3560/5316 (good machine shop)
RMI        Republic of the Marshall Islands
USP      University of the South Pacific

NOTE: Businesses and services are listed alphabetically by TYPE.  These businesses are those normally used and recommended by the cruisers. It is not all-inclusive. There may be more services and stores available.


  • ATMs: Three on island:  downstairs in front of RRE Hotel in Uliga; at Bank of Guam in Delap (next to K&K Island Pride Grocery Store), in Payless Supermarket in Uliga.
    1. MGAS, Ace Hardware, Do it Best Hardware, and Tru Value Hardware, MJCC, EZ Price.
    2. Best selection of oil and fuel filters seems to be at MGAS or PII. .
  • BAKERIES: Bread at bakeries tends to be sweet, except for Wellness Center.
    1. Baked goods sections at Payless, K&K and Formosa.
    2. Wellness Center (near the hospital) has fresh whole wheat bread daily – almost vegan kitchen!
    1. Ace Hardware, EZ Price, and Island Eco, which carries deep-cycle batteries – not US standard
    2. Tru –Value has batteries and solar panels
  • MGAS has automotive batteries
  1. MJCC has automotive batteries
  2. Elm Motors has automotive batteries
  • BEER and Alcohol: Payless, Cost Price, K&K Island Pride, Formosa, Flame Tree, Pacific Pure Water (beer) & Shoreline (beer and wine), Ace’s One Stop (selection of wines and beers from New Zealand and Chile). Tsingtao beer is available at J&M store opposite Ace’s One Stop. It is also available at Formosa across the street from the Shoreline dock where the dinghies can be parked. PII has a wholesale store across from Tru Value on the lagoon side that carries some beer and a wide variety of alcohol. If you are buying $300 or more you get the wholesale price and they will deliver it to Shoreline.

NOTENo alcohol sold on Sundays except in the restaurants. It is unlawful for the Marshallese to have or consume alcoholic beverages on the outer islands (except for Likiep and Eybye), but not in Majuro. In the outer atolls, keep all alcohol confined to your boat and do not share with the locals.

  • BOAT SUPPLIES: Limited selections at Ace Hardware, Do It Best Hardware, and EZ Price.
    1. Do It Best Hardware (limited selection of canvas).
    2. Sailrite is familiar with Majuro and mails directly here.
  • PII also has limited canvas supplies
  • CLEARING IN: See the Entering RMI page on either infomarshallislands.com or sailingmarshallislands.com.
  • CLEARING OUT: Go to Ports Authority first to pay $10 harbor fee for outward clearance. Present PA receipt at Customs and get passports stamped at Immigration. (See Government Offices for locations.)
  1. a) Standard size: Copymasters or Office Mart.
  2. b) Chart size: Copymasters, TSL Office Solutions, EPA office or PII.
  • COMPUTER HELP: Majuro Computer Services (bright green building just past NTA satellites) (10% discount for MBYC members).
  1. a) Majuro Computer Services (see item above)
  2. b) TSL Enterprises – 3rdfloor, green 5-story MAKO Building opposite MIR.
  3. c) EZ Price – Uliga. Blank CDs & DVDs available and a range of .
  4. d) Office Mart – ¼ mile south of College of Marshall Islands.
  5. e) Copymasters – Ground floor, green 5-story MAKO building.
  • Always use a long painter to allow room for other dinghiesDO NOT raise outboards. Remember:  all land in the RMI is privately-owned.
    1. Shoreline/RRE – At head of north mooring field. Tie your painter towards the wall end of the floating dock, allowing the bigger boats the lagoon end of the dock. DO NOT LOCK! Security patrolled.
    2. Uliga Dock – Commercial dock between north & south mooring fields. Floating dock on backside. Main gate closes at 5 pm but side door remains open. Security guard at gate. Recommended for use in westerlies.
  • G&L Apartments – By permission of the owner only! Within Uliga Dock basin. Tie up at concrete steps on landside. Danger! – Rebar and concrete footings exposed at low tides.
  1. Matt Holly’s – At head of south mooring field, by pair of rusty ships. Tie up to rusty barge alongside. Danger! – Thinning ladder rungs and holes and thinning metal in barge deck
  2. K&K Island Groceries – lagoon side: Sand beach across street. Children may play in dinghies.
  3. MIR – Be sure to enter between the two white poles on the reef. Tie up at floating dock. Security patrolled.
  • DIVE TANK REFILLS: RRE complex, see hotel reception for details. Brian Kirk 455-1175 fills and rents dive equipment
  • FABRIC (Dress fabrics only)
    1. Formosa (Delap) – Located next to Flame Tree. Best selection.
    • . NTA – Cheapest in Majuro but outgoing only. Cost based on phone rates; assume about 1 minute/page (e.g. $1.50/minute to U.S., so about $1.50/page)
  1. RRE – Send & receive capability; $5 first page, $1.50 each additional page.
  2. MIR – Send & receive capability but expensive.
  • Embassy – American citizens can receive faxes by arrangement.
  • FISHING SUPPLIES: Ace Hardware, Do It Best Hardware, MJCC Hardware, Formosa Hardware, Tru Value Hardware.
    • . MEC – About 15-30% savings over Shoreline but 55-gallon minimum. See pg. 9 of Yachtie’s Yellow Pages for instructions for filling by jugs.
  1. Bunkering is available at Delap Dock with the bunker fee being one third of a cent per gallon, payable to Ports Authority before bunkering at either Delap or Uliga Docks. Mobil diesel is available in small quantities at Shoreline fuel dock; large quantities (4,000 gallons or more) is available at Uliga Dock.
  2. Delap Dock not small-boat friendly; check out beforehand. If you need more info, contact Cary on the yacht Seal.
  • PII dock just right of the bridge as you approach. You can dock there and take jerry jugs across the road to the gas station where the price can be significantly less than at Shoreline.
  1. Shoreline: both diesel and gas are available right at the Shoreline dock.
    1. Propane: MEC sells propane at their tank farm in Delap. You can pay at the tank farm. Taxis allow you to carry the tank in the trunk.
    2. Small marina called MH20 south of the mooring field. There are two half sunken wrecks and a breakwater behind them.  Go around the south side of the breakwater to the dock.  Propane is sold there so easy carrying.
  • Kerosene: At gas station across from Lil’ Party Favors – near BOMI.
  1. Denatured Alcohol: Ace Hardware, Do It Best, Tru Value – sold in 1-gallon cans.
  • GARBAGE: People on Matt Holly, Ben Chutaro, or Cary Evarts’ moorings can take their trash to the Shoreline (dumpster behind the small store). Please make arrangements with RRE to pay a $4/month trash fee.
    1. Customs –Located in the Ministry of Finance building in Delap opposite the Marshall Islands Resort. Go in the front door somewhat on the left side of the ground floor, front face.  Finance is through the same door where you pay Immigration fees, licence fees, etc.
    2. Immigration – Located on 5thfloor, green 5-story MAKO, Developent Bank Building near MIR. This building is two building south of Customs on the same side of the street
  • Ports Authority – Located at Delap Dock; 625-6170/6179.
    1. Payless Supermarket – in Uliga across from EZ Price. Walking distance!  Open 0800-2100 (or until no more customers), 7 days. Big grocery store with wide selection of foods and fresh vegetables. Liquor section. Separate section for discounted, out-of-date foods; watch price at register. 5% discount with Senior Citizen card (60 yrs & over) and 5% discount with MBYC card (not both ).
    2. K&K Island Pride Supermarket – in Delap – just past capitol building. See MIVA map. Open 0800-2100 (or until no more customers), 7 days. Big grocery store with wide selection of foods and fresh vegetables. Liquor Separate section for discounted, out-of-date foods; watch price at register. 5% discount with Senior Citizen card (60 yrs. & over).

      MISCO in Uliga Best place to buy bananas.

  • Formosa (Uliga store) – See MIVA map. Open 0800-2100 hrs, 7 days. Liquor department. Separate section for discounted, out-of-date foods. Division 7-12 –Hit or miss selection of foods.
  1. Cost Price, bright yellow building opposite the court house. A lot of Oriental products. Ask the owners if you want anything translated.
  2. EZ Price Mart– in Uliga, across from Payless Supermarket. Small selection, some institution-sized.  Good supply or organic and health food.  5% discount on non-sale items with MBYC card.
  3. Crazy Price – Located across from Flame Tree. Some Fijian and Indian food products
  • Food market: A small food market is held during the week on the west side of the Marshall Islands Resort. Especially good for local limes and coconuts.
  1. Bulk: Pacific Basic Payless Wholesale (door off the side of main entrance to supermarket); will deliver to the dock; K&K Island Food Wholesale (located next door to Flame Tree) case lots; will deliver to the dock. Cash and carry. Open to public.
    1. Ace Hardware – Ground floor of RRE. Well-stocked and largest selection. Not air-conditioned so not conducive to browsing and things may be rusty. Friendly and helpful staff. Lumber also.
    2. Do it Best – Near MIR. Air-conditioned. Helpful staff. Lumber also. Some would say best stock here. 10% discount with MBYC card
  • Tru Value Hardware – down the road from MIR. Air-conditioned. Must seek out help if needed. Lumber also.
  1. See hardware sections in EZ Price, Formosa (Uliga store), Division 7-12 and MJCC.
  • ICE: Cubes only, no block ice available.Easiest location at Shoreline. Available in bags at Payless, Formosa, and K&K.
    1. Possibly the best bet for cruisers is the 4G LTE system provided by NTA. You can use a ‘dongle’ to access the service. NTA sells a My-Fi system plus various brands of phones
    2. The Alele Public Library (next to the courthouse) has a computer lab that you can use for FREE.  Open 9 am to 5 pm – kinda, depending on staffing.
  • The excellent Won Hai Shien Chinese Restaurant (lunch and dinner) has free wi-fi for patrons as does Toeak Bar and Grill on the fifth floor of the NAPA building opposite the court house
    1. Payless Supermarket. The laundry is next to the auto shop. You can do it yourself or pay the girls to do it for you.
  • MGAS (on the back road in Uliga)
  1. Big frontloaders at Laundromat near the hospital – good for washing blankets, sheets and multiple loads $3.00 per load.
  2. Check other laundromats around town
  • LIBRARY: The Alele Museum & Public Library is in town near the court house. Library is upstairs.  You can also access the library at the College of the Marshall Islands (CMI). The museum is a must visit: It’s small but well put together.
  • MACHINE SHOPS: Machine Shop at Pacific International, Inc. (PII)
    1. Doctors
      1. At Majuro Hospital. Expect to wait.  Cost of a visit including prescription $20.
  • Alex Pinano at Majuro Clinic, opposite MIVA. Cost of a visit including prescription $20.
  • Dentists
    1. At Majuro Hospital. Cost of a visit including prescription $20 – with a fee schedule posted for other services.

NOTE:  Many moorings end in a loop for you to secure your lines. Please tie to the loops to prevent chafe to the mooring loop (and your lines). If you feel you must pass through the loop with your lines be sure to begin and end each line at the same point on your boat. Do not start a line on one side, pass through the mooring loop and end on the other side because as your boat swings, the line will slide back and forth through the loop and chafe it and your line.

  1. Matt Holly (south field) – $1.50-$2/day, 30 days up front. See Matt Holly behind EZ Price, 455-5567. It is recommended you dive on your mooring here to inspect.
  2. Cary Evarts has a small number of moorings for $2 a day. Contact him on VHF Ch 71.It is recommended you dive on your mooring here to inspect.
  3. Ben Chutaro has a small number of moorings. 
  4. Enemanet Island and Eneko Island: These moorings were installed by and belong to the Mieco Beach Yacht Club.  Their use is free to MBYC members; others pay $5 per day. 

(See Mooring Project page on www.sailingmarshallislands.com (the MBYC website) for more info.

    1. Bank of Marshall Islands (BOMI) – Convenient & cheap ($5).
    2. Majuro Court House – Convenient & cheap ($5).
  • Various embassies/consulates – US Embassy – $50 per document. See Majuro phone book for listings. Japan and Taiwan also have embassies in Long Island and Australia has an embassy in the NAPA building in Uliga.
  • OIL & BATTERY DISPOSAL Used oil is accepted at MEC at the tank farm across from the Delap Dock.  It costs $1/gallon and now you can pay right at the location.
    1. For batteries: An NTA employee, Kinja, comes up on Channel 68. If you have old batteries, he will make use of them. Go to NTA or talk to Cary on VHF 71.
    1. Yamaha – MJCC Yamaha, located just north of NTA, 0830-1800 M-F. 625-3500/3066. If locked go next door to MJCC general store. The mechanic is Guy.
    2. Honda – Ace’s One Stop Gas Station next to capital building
  • Suzuki – Payless Motors, 625-3210.
  1. General Outboard Repairs: Rudy Aliven, 455-0522
    1. Entry Permits required for each atoll. (Fees vary from atoll to atoll – from free to $250.)
    2. Obtain forms at the Ministry of Internal Affairs (white building on the lagoon side next to Mobil Oil tank farm), 2ndFloor:  625-8240. Request a copy of the Lagoon Entry Fees when you pick up permit forms. When you visit the atoll, present your permit and pay the fee to the acting mayor (if it was not collected by the mayor on Majuro).
  • You must pay the fee again if revisiting the atoll. Recommend you make copies of your approved permits and have the acting mayor sign it when paying the fee.
  1. To go to Kwajelein atoll a permit is required and you take it to the government offices in Eybye to check in. Kwajelein Island is a US military base. You must have a sponsor to visit. Civilian employment requires 2-year contract and you cannot live on the boat while working there.
  2. For Bikini and Rongelap, obtain approved Entry Permits at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Culture, and then take them for secondary approval to their respective City Halls (between RRE and G&L).
    1. Dr Alex Pinano in Small Islands
    2. Majuro Hospital for filling prescriptions. (Prescriptions are usually filled free after consultation with hospital doctor, which costs $20.00 after registration.)
  1. Payless, K&K, EZ Price, and Formosa (Uliga) carry over-the-counter drugs, and health and first aid supplies.
    1. For local calls: Ask the hotel desk staff at RRE : they’ll hand you a portable phone;
  • NTA – Phone on wall in lobby, to the left (free).
  1. For long distance:
    1. You can use RRE, but it’s expensive.
    2. NTA – 0700-2400 hrs, 7 days, $1.50/min. to U.S. Take a number & wait in line, then give your name and number to the women behind the glass partition and she will assign you a booth and arrange for Overseas Operator. No free use of 1-800 numbers or their ilk. Pre-paid phone cards offer cheaper rates as low as $1.00/min off-peak but you need a local phone.
  2. Cell Phones: Purchase SIM card at NTA $15. Phone cards available throughout DUD. New cell phones available at NTA and other stores. Local calls $0.10/min. New system: if you have a simcard, you will receive a message from NTA assigning you a 457- number.  If you are staying a short time (less than a month), this may be a better deal:  you pay $.50 per day and $.10 per minute, so all you have to do is buy a $10 cell card and renew (you can add only $2 if you need an extra two or three days and a few calls.)
  3. Skype is available using wireless and your own computer.
    1. Main P.O. located across street from RRE, handles all General Delivery; small satellite P.O. next to K&K. Hours: M-F 0900-1200, 12:00 – 16:00.  Sat 1300-1600. Use the following address when having mail sent to you at the RMI Post Office:    SV your boat name, Yacht in Transit, Majuro, MH 96960

NOTE: RMI uses the US Postal System (USPS). Therefore, domestic First Class, Priority and Express Mail services can be used when mailing from RMI or having mail sent from the USA. COD is not available.   Currently, 10-14 days appears to be the norm for Priority Mail delivery from the USA. Generally, no customs duty experienced with “Yacht in Transit” designation but the letter of the law probably applies only to boat replacement parts. If goods are shipped using the cheapest rate they will come by ship and will take 6-8 weeks (or longer).

    1. VHF channel 71 for contact, then switch to channel 68 or 72 to talk.
    2. Majuro Cruiser’s Net at 0730 hrs on ch.71, Monday through Saturday 0730.
  • HF ‘Yokwe’ net on 6.224 at 0745 local time
  • REFRIGERATION: Several people do repairs; none especially recommended.
    1. DHL – Located in PII office, 625-6345.
      Catherine Murphy … She does an excellent job… See this link Katty’s Mail Service • Marshall Islands Guide (infomarshallislands.com)
    2. Triple B Forwarders – They handle freight out of Los Angeles and Honolulu. Micro-Pak special: $50 for 5 cu. ft. & 80 lbs. or less by air from Honolulu to Majuro (+$17 minimum handling to PII). Use USPS domestic mail to get to Honolulu. For information: email egutierrez@tripleb.comor AAlt@tripleb.com.
  • Federal Express (FED EX) – Located in Central Maritime Agency, in the RRE offices opposite the hotel. Currently receive only, no outgoing. NOTE: No customs duty for “Yacht in Transit” designation but this really should apply to only boat replacement parts.
  • SOLAR PANELS: EZ Price, Do It Best, Tru Valu
    1. Shared Taxi: Anywhere in DUD area, $1.50. Outside DUD, fare by negotiation; e.g. $3 per person to US Embassy. Remember, gas is expensive… feel free to tip.
    2. RRE airport shuttle $10 one way. Book with reception in advance.
  • Mini-bus to Laura: $3.00 per person, leaves RRE parking lot multiple times during the day.
  • .

    1. Pacific Pure Water – RO water, potable quality. $1/gallon in either a 5 gallon carboy ($10 to buy container; non-refundable) or will fill your own jugs, 625-3140. – before 5 pm
    2. EZ Price Mart – dispenser at the front of the store
  • Do It Best – dispenser at the front of the store – before 5 pm
  1. Reverse osmosis water is available now at Payless at the same location as the laundry. 
    • . BAKO Divers – Call Brian on 455-1175, can do TIG and hard welding
  1. PII – 625-3122
    • . Membership at $20 (single) or $30 (family). Renewals $15.
  1. Discounts at EZ Price (-5%), MIR Restaurant (-10% on food), Do It Best (-10%), Majuro Computer Services (-10%) Payless Foods 5% with membership card.
  2. Sells caps, shirts, burgees and courtesy flags.
  • Free moorings at Enemanet Island and Eneko Island for club members (others pay $5 per day).
  • YACHT HAULING: At PII just past the bridge. Call Kenneth Kramer at PII.
  • YACHTIES NIGHT OUT: Dinner every Tuesday at 1800 hrs at one of five restaurants: Tide Table at RRE, Toeak Bar and Grill opposite court house, Marshall Islands Resort (pub quiz), Won Hai Shien (on back road opposite Mobil tanks), and Marshall Islands Club (MIC on the ocean side back road – all you can eat pizza). They rotate weekly from north to south so MIC, Tide Table, Won Hai Shien, MIR and then repeat.
  • RECYCLING: Majuro Atoll Waste Company, in Long Island, pays for recycled PET water bottles and aluminum cans. If you’re not bothered to make the trek, feel free to put cans and bottles in any obvious receptacle (for example at Shoreline, outside EZ Price).