It was agreed: The Mieco beach Yacht Club’s End of Season Bash Friday night at the Marshall Islands Resort was one of the club’s best ever with over 50 people turning up for the event.
A slideshow of 11 years of races and club events was a highlight, with many guests remembering club members and friends from years past. Think Dee Johnson, Richard Hickson, Joe and Kaye McCarthy, Grant James, Jessica Souke, Caleb McClennen, and more…
Emcee on the night was Commodore Clementine Ellasos, with Race Director Claude Rivet announcing the season’s placings.
First place honors went to Pacfic Hwy’s Bruce Masterson, who invited the 11 people who had crewed on his boat over the season to take a bow for the crowd. Second place went to X’s David Addleman and third to Seal’s Cary Evarts. The other yachts that sailed in the 2014-15 season were Tabby Cat, French Kiss, Snufkin, and Figment.

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