The Mieco Beach Yacht Club Beer Can Race, held at the Marshall Islands Resort on Sunday, was a huge success with over 30 people competing in the shallow waters off the MIR beach. Race Director Larry Jones gave the ‘ready, set’ go’ command on the series of heats, with each seeing five racers attempt to blow their boat over the finish line first.

The boats in question are made of beer or pop cans and were created by the nice folk at Waan Aelon in Majel (Canoes of the Marshall Islands).

Back to the racing, and underneath the tree, was former Race Director Willard Lathrop and friends, who were keeping a tally of the place-getters and calling the participants for the next heats down to the officials on the race course.

The finals approached and in the end the last two in the running were Grant Bilyard and Cary Evarts … a crowd gathered to watch and, ta-da, Grant’s boat sank into the depths while Cary’s was still sailing on. Three cheers for Vice Commodore Cary! Both the finalists were presented with yacht club tank tops by quartermaster Emily Hudson.

Participants drew their own numbers on each of the boats and the last order of the day was to have judges Karen, Bona, and Grant choose the most artistic. WorldTeach volunteer Caroline won the honors and bragging rights.

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