During the recent maintenance project on the mooring fields at Eneko and Enemanet Islands, Commodore Mark Stearns and Vice Commodore Cary Evarts agreed that one of the Enemanet moorings needed to be moved back to its original, shallower location. Somehow it had been dragged from its original depth of 55 feet to 94 feet, much reducing the scope of the mooring line.

A team of divers reconvened on Wasabi on January 25: Mark, Cary, Rob and Brian Kirk. Also joining them was photographer Gary Ehrsam, who took the wonderful underwater photos (kommool Gary). The mooring, which is the second buoy as you approach the anchorage from town, is now good to use in an easterly wind, however at the time of writing this, the line needs to be shortened, which Mark hopes to do in the next week.

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